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Trylogia is undoubtedly a unique place that permeates with atmosphere and is inspired by history. It is located at a scenic and vast green area between a river and a forest.

The inspiration for its establishment was Henryk Sienkiewicz's Trilogy and its unforgettable film adaptation. You can feel the historic atmosphere around each corner. The hotel's interiors are decorated with photographs from film sets, original costumes and props. Our halls are dominated by wooden, stone and brick accents, and the walls are decorated with ornaments and numerous handicraft products. Each hall has its own character, making them a perfect background for special events.


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Located in a picturesque scenery between a river and a forest, the hotel guarantees a good night's sleep. Lodging in such a charming environmentat that captures the imagination will undoubtedly help to collect one's thoughts and take a break from everyday issues.

In the morning, our guests are woken up to the sound of signing birds and smell of the forest just a couple of kilometres from the capital's borders.


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The Dwór Rozłogi [Expanse Court] Restaurant is a structure built in the image of the Kurcewicz's manor from the "Ogniem i mieczem" [With Fire and Sword] novel. The Old-Polish spirit omnipresent in our facility can also be felt here. The restaurant is a very cosy corner. It is nice for feasting and drinking coffee.

Our restaurant is inseperably linked to music. Live music completes the unique atmosphere of our interiors and of the garden located near the water in the summer. During warmer days, we provide our guests with tables located among the picturesque forest and water pond greenery.
Every Saturday, we invite our guests to dance parties with a live show.

For business

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A well organised company meeting is an event that balances the official part with entertainment. Due to the site's unique atmosphere, complete technical facilities and convenient location, Trylogia is a perfect place for business events.

We provide a broad offer for business events. We offer the organisation of conferences, company meetings, banquets as well as fairs, picnics and events.

Banquets and weddings parties

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The choice of the location contributes largely to whether the planned banquet will be remembered as a unique and original event. Trylogia is undoubtedly a unique location that charms you with its atmosphere and character and is known for its exquisite cuisine. The excellent flavour and quality of our meals is a value often emphasised by our guests.

Each banquet hall has its own unique character, thereby making them the perfect background for exceptional events.


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Our cuisine has been famous for tasty and hearty dishes for many years. The flavour of our dishes is the asset most frequently highlighted in our guests' reviews. Traditional recipes combined with multiple years of experience meet the culinary expectations of even the most refined tastes.

3 pillars of our catering department:

  • Complex culinary and technical service of meetings and events
  • Catering shop - convenient tool for online order placement
  • Dietary catering - 5 meals a days delivered to your door

History and inspiration

When the Galop horse riding club was born, where horse riding adepts were perfecting their skills. Famous stuntmen and actors trained at the club. Our horses took part in the biggest film adaptations.
In order to meet the customers' expectations, the Galop Club started organising occasional, outdoor and integrational events. Year by year, the centre was being developed through subsequent investments. Horses were always the main theme and showpiece. On 31 March 2008, the TRYLOGIA Hotel was officially opened. The great Polish director Jerzy Hoffman became the establishment's official godfather.

Today, TRYLOGIA is a banquet and conference centre that hires several dozen people and is equipped with lodging facilities and a vast, perfectly developed rest and recreational area.

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